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Why stunning Animals Prior to Slaughter cannot be accepted by  ISLAM and Muslims?

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Why stunning Animals Prior to Slaughter cannot be accepted by  ISLAM and Muslims?
Much of the current debate surrounding the issue of religious and “humane” slaughter focuses on the supposed barbarity of the former and the assumed decency of the latter. Both methods deserve closer inspection to assess the claims of both camps.
The Common Stunning Techniques are:
The Captive Bolt Pistol – for cattle, calves and goats.Carbon Dioxide (CO2) / Chemical Strangulation – for pigs.Electrical Stunning – for sheep.Electrified Water Bath – for poultry.
Scientific and medical research proves that stunning animals prior to slaughter is cruel and painful as many animals remain conscious and paralysed due to improper stunning, re-stunning, bone shattering, suffocation, strangulation, bruising, depressed skull fracture, etc. (Grandin, Blackmore, Schulze, and other researchers.)
It should be borne in mind that electricity is widely used around the world for torturing human beings (in prisons and detention centres), so how can we say with certainty that an animal stunned using electricity feels no pain? In fact, the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) in the U.K. in its June 2003 report stated clearly: “IT IS DIFFICULT TO MEASURE PAIN AND DISTRESS DURING THE SLAUGHTER PROCESS IN AN OBJECTIVE SCIENTIFIC MANNER.” (No. 194, Page 34) So why then religious slaughter is criticised as painful and cruel to animals, when the FAWC itself has got no objective scientific evidence to prove its assumption that the animal in religious slaughter “Feels significant pain and distress”? The fact is that there is little or no pain in the religious slaughter (Schulze, Horder, Hill, Sir Evans, Burrow, Levinger, Bell, Openshaw, Hayhurst, etc).
Some of the inhumane effects of pre-stunning include:
Many animals die before they are cut (Hillman, Lawton, Glen, Gregory). According to FAWC, one third of chicken die before slaughter. The new method of stunning today is: STUN TO KILL before slaughter, which means the food is less healthy for us, as more blood stays inside the carcass.Causes blood splash into muscles and more harmful blood stays inside the meat (Gilbert, Blackmore). Retained blood in meat is a major cause of food poisoning & infections. “Captive bolts should be discontinued in view of their detrimental effect on meat quality.” (Marple, 1977.)Changes in the natural chemical constituents of the meat (Marple, Biala.) Spread of BSE, especially when the captive bolt pistol is used in cows (European Commission Study, 2002)Fails in at least 15% of cases, so repeated stunning is necessary, resulting in repeated torture and cruelty.Causes stress to the animal in at least 7 research studies.
Islam prohibits Muslims from eating any meat coming from an animal that is dead before the religious slaughter can take place, as well as the consumption of any blood in any amount. These two prohibitions may occur during stunning. Muslims are also advised to avoid eating anything doubtful. Furthermore, meat for human consumption should be natural wholesome and undamaged(TAYYIB ).
As it is Muslims hold the view that stunning is not only unnecessary but is cruel and painful to the animal, and moreover affects the draining of blood from the carcass thereby producing inferior quality meat. According to animal physiology, the direct religious method of slaying animals for food is painless at the time of death and after the cut, because of the huge haemorrhage induced by cutting the Blood vessels/jugular veins in the neck. As the cut is made, blood pressure drops considerably and so the brain is instantaneously deprived of its normal blood supply – this ANAESTHETISES the animal immediately. For people of faith, especially Muslims, religious prescriptions are far more trustworthy than the declarations of the farm animal welfare groups. There is, after all, far more pressing issues that animal welfare organisations should be concentrating on, wherein the real cruelty to animals lies. For example:
Battery Cage Factory farming (especially chickens.)Drugging (hormones and antibiotics.)Fox hunting, bull fighting, dog fighting, cock fighting etc.Cruel transportation.Commercial drug testing and experiments on animals.Torture, blindness, bruises, injuries, daily physiological abuse, torture and discomfort: including castration, maternal deprivation, interference with sexuality and fertility, cloning, tail docking, embryotomy, and hysterectomy.
According to Islam, all these horrific types of animal cruelty are forbidden. The Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) are full of instructions and guidance on the welfare and the rights of animals(See my finding on the rights of animals in Islam). These teachings were introduced  more than 1400 years ago ,before animal welfare or rights organisations were established!
Enclosed my scientific medical study on STUNNING:
Comparison between the Religious Prophetic method of animal slaughter without stunning and the western method of animal slaughter  with stunning.


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The RELIGIOUS method of animal slaughter(DHABH) is the direct method  which is done  without the use of any type of stunning .It is the same method   which was adopted and practiced by all  the prophets of GOD(peace be upon them). ESPECIALLY BY:-Abraham,the father of  the prophets -Moses for the Jews(Kosher)-Jesus for the Christians(Kosher)-And finally by   the prophet Muhammad  for the Muslims(Halal) No doubt the act of slaughter is a motive and frightening view to watch:A knife doing the cut in the neck,blood coming out,convulsions and contractions…then death!  Public at large has thought over the years that this  act of cutting  is “painful and cruel to the animal”  But this was  a mere   SUBJECTIVE feeling   which  was not based on any  OBJECTIVE evidence or fact. -Till now,there is no single scientific medical evidence in the whole world which has  prooved that the divine method of animal slaughter does cause pain to the animal and is cruel  when it  is done properly and professionally.We offer a challenge to all to bring us one authentic study?It is mere illusion and delusion.-The animal ,after the proper cut,keeps still and does not move at all,one can see that clearly:a gap between the cut and the start of  the normal  physiological convulsions and contractions !If the cut does cause pain,so why the animal keeps still for a while after the cut?It is only later, these physiological  contractions and convulsions   do occur when the brain has been deprived from blood, and in order to bring blood quickly to the dying brain(Haemorrhagic shock/instantaneous “ANAESTHESIA”). To the lay public, these contractions and convulsions are because of “pain” felt by the animal after the cut,but this is not true and there is no evidence for that.-In a German research studies on pain,professor Wilhelm Schulze and his colleague Dr Hazim at the school of Veterinary Medicine,Hannover university in Germany ,have prooved through EEG(Electric recording of the brain) comparative medical studies that the animal does not feel “pain”  when the cut is done properly.And evidences of “pain” were noticed when stunning has been used,according to the EEG records.The study is called:“ATTEMPTS TO OBJECTIFY PAIN AND CONSCIOUSNESS IN CONVENTIONAL(Captive bolt pistol stunning and ritual(halal) methods of slaughtering sheep and calves”The conclusion of the study was:THE ISLAMIC SLAUGHTERING OF ANIMAL IS THE MOST HUMANE METHOD OF SLAUGHTER AND THAT THE CAPTIVE BOLT STUNNING PRACTICED IN THE WEST,causes severe pain to the animal.-We all know that electricity,which is used in stunning,is used frequently  in the torture of people in prisons as it causes painSurely every one of us is scad to touch electricity,because of the pain and the burn resulting after.Electricity is used widely in the stunning of sheep and  to the poultry in their electrified water bath!Unfortunately these innocent animals can not complaint or speak up!-Doctors who give ECT(Electro convulsive therapy) as a treatment  to some psychiatric patients in hospitals  as in depression,do it only after giving general anaesthesia first and before applying the electricity to the patient,as it is painful!-There are today in many official  and government reports a lot of evidences about the pain and suffering affecting the animals following the use of stunning:Failure of stunning,re-stun,animal conscious and paralysed,unable to walk,burns,broken bones etc…Apart from the cruelty and stress caused  by the electric rod, the repeated pushing  beating and pinching  of the animals in order to move it towards the slaughter’s site???(all these types of cruely are not allowed in Islam)-Many States in the US have banned the Captive bolt pistol for cattle due to the risk of BSE. The EU had a similar decision on the same  method.-The Farm Animal Welfare Council(FAWC) in Britain,has concluded in their scientific studies that :THERE IS NO EVIDENCEOF PAIN IN RELIGIOUS SLAUGHTER and that IT IS DIFFICULT TO MEASURE PAIN AND DISTRESS DURING THE SLAUGHTER PROCESS IN AN OBJECTIVE SCIENTIFIC MANNER….(FAWC: Report on the Welfare of Farmed Animals at slaughter or killing:Part 1:Red Meat Animals,June 2003/section 194).-Religious slaughter was considered HUMANE by the US Congress(1958)-New medical studies suggest that ENDORPHINS secretions(natural pain killers in the animal  body,as in human too) do occur with the cut,to avoid also the animal from feeling any “pain”.We have to remember  also that the threshold to feel pain in the animal is different from man. FROM AN ISLAMIC/RELIGIOUS POINT OF VIEW: -New medical studies from the University of Damascus in Syria,have prooved that the mentioning of the NAME OF GOD(ALLAH )/TASMIAH on the conscious living hearing animal at time of slaughter, do ACT AS A SEDATIVE/TRANQUILLISER to both: man and animal,and  will  purify too the meat from germs and bacteria.(Fascinating)This interesting  medical discovery was repeated many times,and it gave the same result!This  was signed by over 25 Professors and doctors in the University.(there are DVD about it in both English and Arabic and a book in Arabic about this discovery)-It is prohibited in Islam to inflict or cause any pain to any animal.(Please see  separate the Superior rights of the animal in Islam).-In Islam,every animal  is to be handled individually,by a human(familiar),without causing any stress and to give food and water to the animal before and avoiding the animal the sight of any slaughter or blood  or sharpening of the knife and to keep the animal in a comfortable position.(ALL THESE ARE BASED IN THE ISLAMIC TEACHINGS)We do admit,as in every community,that some Muslims do not pratice the proper animal welfare and care at time of slaughter or before and it is in our plan to educate  and train all for the best welfare and care to the animal  before and during the act of slaughter.To educate all about all Hygiene regulations too.We are fully with all the technologies of today before and after the slaughter and with the technology for best appropriate knife to use.Muslims also will be happy to follow all the regulations and  the laws of the land and EEC,but without been interfered with their permanent sacred religious act of slaughter,and without the use of any stunning.-Surely GOD the Creator and all his prophets in Judaism,Christianity and Islam,can not be all cruel to the billion of slaughtered  animals over the centuries.GOD is called : the most Compassionate,the most Merciful and Muhammad,called the mercy to all the creation(man and animals).-Muslims(and Jews) are ordered clearly in their holy Scriptures to follow their prophets in the act of animal slaughterAll Muslims have been  warned by the prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) not to change at all the divine  sacred act of animal slaughter.-Many people in the west do not realise that it is forbidden in Islam  and for Muslims to:Eat any meat which came from  an animal who  has died before the cut,consume any  blood inside the meat,cause any type of pain and cruelty to any animal,change the natural healthy chemical formula of the meat(not TAYYIB),eat some meat which is  risky to health ,eat any contaminated meat with any porcine substances…Unfortunately many of the scientific medical reports on stunning have shown all these forbidden and undesirable outcomes  but in different percentages ,when stunning have been used in one way or another.Even if one doubtful about the presence of any of these outcomes,in Islam we are requested to avoid it all. Muslims and Jews and others should have the RELIGIOUS and the HUMAN RIGHTS to practice their religions especially in issues of food  meat and diet, especially when it is for their own consumption .


Dr A.Majid Katme(MBBCh,DPM) Muslim Spokesman on Halal meat and Food(Islamic Medical Association/UK) Tel no: 0044 7944 240 622E-mail address:


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 We have seen clearly from  the many medical/scientific reports and government’s  studies thatmany animals when they are stunned before doing  Dhabh ,do give us many Muharramat(Mitah/death of some  animals before doing  the cut, consumption of  blood  which is Haram too with  the infliction of cruelty and suffering to the animals , and  having  new  problems related to stunning: failure of stunning , repeat stunning etc…In my previous medical study on stunning which was based  on  36 scientific studies and research papers done by western scientists the following facts and evidences were found:

       *  Stress to the animal (in at least 7 studies)

  • Death before doing the cut/sticking (in at least 7 studies)
  • Harmful effects in the quality of the meat (in at least 4 studies)
  • Internal hemorrhage, blood splash, speckle, salt and pepper hemorrhage inside the meat  as a result of stunning (in at least 8 studies)
  • Pain (shown in at least 10 scientific studies) which throws doubt on the ability to measure pain in the animal and hints that the animal may be suffering pain in the different methods of slaughter used.
  • EEG (Electro-encephalograph): there are at least 7 studies which throw doubt on the validity of this measure that the animal is conscious or has lost consciousness.

Many scientists opposed  the use of stunning: Van der Wal –78, Wernberg –79, Mcloughlin –71, Pollard –73, winstanley –81, and Marple –77, etc.

With regard to Pain. I would like to quote from the FAWC Report (1985), ‘There is a lack of scientific evidence to indicate at what stage in the process of losing consciousness the ability to feel pain ceases.’

I also quote Baldwin 1971, (quoted by Biala1983):”The question whether thr animal is suffering pain during the period of consciousness is not so readily appropriate to objective experimental investigation”.

.It is clearly, beyond any doubt, the least to say that the assumption of stunning is questionable, and it is quite unfair for the RSPCA, FAWC and others to attack Muslims (and Jews), criticizing their slaughtering methods, and to recommend new laws, enforcing stunning, which have no scientific basis and are unreliable, owing to the problems, harm and cruelty resulting from its practice. (People in glass houses should not throw stones!)

It is mistaken to identify the cut on the animal with oneself, thinking it is causing pain.

I would like to quote Ray & Scott from their book ‘The Humane Emergency of Farm Animals’ (UFAW):

‘So far as actual physical suffering is concerned, men often identify themselves with the animal they kill and assess pain in terms of their own feeling. To some extent, at least, this attitude is justified but, whereas man is invariably conscious of the inevitability and significance of death, animals usually lack such apprehension unless they are badly handled and feel menaced”

“ Human feelings, however, should as far as possible not be allowed to influence the use of the most humane techniques”.

In addition, we are insulting a dumb creature which cannot express it’s feelings or sensations by speech, etc.They are,as reported by Rebecca Hall in her book, ‘Voiceless Victims’.

Meat industries are always keen to stun as many animals as possible in the least possible time and so commercial interests have often been the overriding factor

I would like to conclude, that an up-to-date assessment of the Islamic (or religious) method of slaughter shows, beyond doubt, that the Divine PROPHETIC  method  of DHABH/animal slaughter , is the only humane method which is free from side-effects and secondary effects on the animal and the consumer and which matches almost all the criteria for the best method of slaughter as I explained before and is to be recommended all the times and in all places.!.

Obviously we are all  with all Sciences and technology and animal welfare before, during and after doing the cut of Dhabh.

However the  Prophetic Method of Dhabh is SACROSANCT  and is fixed by all the Prophets before.

Finally I like to end  with this authentic  clear Hadith of Sayyidna Muhammad,Sallal Lahu Alayhi Wasallam who gave us a serious warning that he will FIGHT all those who do not do Dhabh like him(direct and without any type of  stunning) :

Narrated by  Anas bin Malik:

Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah.’ And if they say so, pray like our prayers, face our Qibla and slaughter as we slaughter”, then their blood and property will be sacred to us….”
At the end of the Hadith ,The prophet  Muhammad(pbuh)  mentioned  that THE MUSLIM is the one who  prays  like us and eats  our slaughtered animals
Ref:Sahih Al Bukhari 1:8:387 
Dr Abdul Majid Katme (MBBCh,DPM)
Medical Researcher and Spokesman on the Prophetic method of Dhabh and Halal meat
(Islamic Medical Association/UK).
Weekly TV Broadcaster
Tel no: 0044 7944 240 622
Dr Abdul Majid Katme    31 North Circular Road  Palmers Green  London  N13 5EG UK


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Download: Al- Dhabh M Khan


AL-Dhabh is the prophetic method of animal slaughter.without any stunningMy islamic medical association (IMA)Started the campaign for the prophetic method of Dhabh without any stunning on health humane grounds in 1970The late founder president of IMADr Ghulam Mustafa Khan wrote the first and only book in U.K. And EuropeOn prophetic method of DhabhTitle of the book:AL-DHABH:Slaying the animal for food  the islamic way(See the Attachment)Distributed by Taha publishers in LondonThe book is in EnglishDr Khan died last year…Allah bless his soul He was the founder for the true halal   meat prophetic  campaign and opposed strongly stunning on medical health and humane groundsAfter him in  the late 70thI took over the prophetic halal meat campaign against stunningWhen I became President of IMA.In 1985:I presented my new medical scientific comparative  study in a big conference for non Muslims regarding animal slaughter
Stunning and the Prophetic method of AL-DHABH.
I was nominated by the Regent Park mosque/Director to represent the Islamic and Muslim view in Britain.
The study is on AL AZHAR website Me and the Jewish speaker made strong scientific campaign  presentation against stunning

slaughter for true HALAL  TAYYIB meat should have the following criteria

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 The best method of   animal slaughter for true HALAL  TAYYIB meat should have the following criteria:
  • Allows for draining most of the blood out;
  • Causes no stress to the animal; 
  • Allows the animal to hear the Name of ALLAH(Tasmiah) before death                             
  • Does not cause death before the actual slaughter;
  • Found with no fault in any scientific study;
  • Proved to be humane’ , causing NO “pain” or suffering or cruelty, even to a few individual animals;
  • Causes no damaging or harmful effects  or injuries to the animal and to the quality of the meat;
  • Found to be a sure way of death (reliable);
  • Found to be irreversible (slowly and gradually progressing to death);
  • With only one way of killing (direct method);
  • To be practical and realistic; quick and easy to perform in any society, in any place;
  • ‘Very economical’ (not a lot of machinery and equipment, etc.);
  • Being more familiar to the animal, with less machinery and restraint (with a less threatening atmosphere);
  • Safe to perform (no electricity, gas or shocks, etc.);
  • Accepted  and wanted   by the community consuming the meat; 
  • Practiced by  the final prophet Muhammad(pbuh) and by all the Prophets of ALLAH  (same method)                            
  • Blessed for the believers by ALLAH (s.w.t).


NB: This brief was published in my published scientific medical study on Stunning


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 By using a very, very sharp knife (which should be kept like a surgeon’s knife in sharpness and cleanliness, as previously stated by DR Ghulam Khan (UFAW, 1971), a Deep swift cut done instantaneously and quickly to the blood vessels of the neck (the two carotid arteries which carry blood to the brain and head, the two jugular veins which bring blood from the brain back to the heart), the trachea (windpipe) and the oesophagus (gullet), but the central nervous system (the spinal cord) should be kept safe and intact (not cut).

This deep, large cut through all the blood vessels of the neck causes acute blood loss and haemorrhagic shock: we know the blood is under great pressure , especially in the big carotid arteries (systolic pressure ) and at high speed and, according to physical law, the pressure always goes from the high to low resistance – the point of the cut is the scene of low resistance for blood to and from the brain. As we have a fully intact, alive heart, so most of the blood is going to be pumped and poured out instantaneously and quickly under pressure leading to a rapid fall in the blood pressure. Thus depriving the brain of its main source of oxygen and glucose, and with no blood which is necessary to keep the animal alive and functioning and able to deal with any perceptive sensation this leads to anoxia and almost immediate loss of consciousness(anesthetization or “stunning” ). The cerebrospinal fluid pressure falls even more rapidly than the blood pressure because of the jugular veins being cut, and this results in a deep shock and more loss of consciousness.

The animal, at this stage after the cut, is in a stable and quiet state with no movement or any distressed behavior. One would assume, if there was any pain or suffering, it would kick, move or show signs. After this short resting phase, and because the brain is deprived of oxygen and blood due to the huge amount of bleeding, the heartbeats increase in order to increase the flow of blood to the brain and other deprived areas. Tonic and clonic involuntary contractions and convulsions start and occur as automatic physiological reflexes in order to send and push blood up, especially to the brain. These contractions and convulsions are ‘painless’ (not, as the layman would imagine, that the kicking is due to the pain) especially when the animal is already unconscious and still has an intact spinal cord with safe nerve centers to the limbs, muscles and organs. So, we have a huge amount of bleeding from the initial cut then blood loss is continuing with the squeezing pressure of these contractions and convulsions, leading to maximum bleeding-out and less retention of blood in the carcass, giving a better quality of meat [both safer and healthier (this is like direct method of slaughter, “but without stunning”)].

I would like to end this section of my talk with at least one testimony from, for example, Lord Horder GCVO, MD, FRCP, who explained this type of slaughtering scientifically (and without the use of stunning):

‘The animal loses consciousness immediately. It is difficult to conceive a more painless and rapid mode of death; for a few seconds after the cut is made, the animal makes no movement its body is then convulsed, the convulsive movements continue for about a minute and then cease. The interpretation of this fact is clear: the cut is made by a knife so sharp and so skillfully handled that a state of syncope with its associated unconsciousness follows instantaneously upon the severing of the blood pressure. The movement of the animal which begins at about 90 seconds are epileptiform in nature and are due to the blood-less state of the brain (cerebral ischemia with complete anoxaemia). Sensation has been abolished at the moment of the initial syncope.’

Of course, there have been many other statements by eminent scientists giving the same explanations and conclusions about the direct act of slaughtering such as DR Leonard Hill (1923), Sir Lovatt Evans, Professor Harold Burrow, I M Levingen (1979), Professor F R Bell. Mr. Openshaw, Mr. Hayhurst etc. (Some are quoted, in Impact Magazine 1985).

Let me quote Prof. Leonard Hill, F.R.C.V.S, who strongly believed and expressed his views in his article – that the incision applied in the Ritual Slaughter causes no pain. Any Surgeon today knows that sudden big injuries are not felt at the time of infliction. Pain comes later when the wound is (septic, and) inflamed. Structures beneath the skin apart from isolated sensory nerve endings are insensitive to the knife.

Apart from the clear Divine laws and orders to us, and the clear physiological and scientific evidence, I would like to mention one golden rule in Islam which, again, fits into the perfection of mercy to every individual animal:

The rule states “Any action or method which will definitely lead to some harm damage or suffering is to be rejected or, any action which can be suspected to lead to a prohibited act is also to be rejected (e.g. eating dead animals or consuming blood etc.). So any method of slaughtering which can give us more blood or a dead animal [before the cut (for slaughtering) is made] is rejected”




Ref: From the  comparative Scientific   Medical study  

done by Dr Abdul Majid Katme  (MBBCh,DPM)

on The Humane Prophetic method of DHABH(animal slaughter)   and STUNNING

NATIONAL POULTRY DAY – March 19, 2019 | National Today

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Full respect/facilities to all their natural needs
-Organic factory farming no battery cage
Freedom of movement/sun/air/running/flying/ natural mating
eating naturally
-Tayyib organic body : 
No artificial conception/no antibiotics/no hormones no growth hormones
no vaccines….
-Tazkiah Shareyah/Prophetic method of DHABH
Animal welfare at DHABH
NO STUNNING:  upside down /Electric water bath/gas (dead/blood inside)
-No cheating: no injection of water or beef or pork
-No Chlorination
-No addiction to meat
-Organic farms for natural tayyib eggs


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           In the Name of ALLAH , the Most Compassionate the Most Merciful  “THERE IS NO ANIMAL ON EARTH, NOR BIRD WHICH FLIES ON WINGS, BUT THEY ARE COMMUNITIES LIKE YOU!  WE HAVE NEGLECTED NOTHING IN THE BOOK, THEN TO THEIR LORD THEY WILL BE GATHERED!”)   (Qur’an: Chapter 6/verse 38 ) In Islam we are taught that…  -God Almighty has created/made, mankind, animals and the universe.  -Man is the Vicegerent of GOD/ khalifah and is placed in charge of all the creatures like animals   -This status gives man a great responsibility/accountability and he should be caring for what is placed under his control.  – Man was created directly from dust/sand, animals were created separately,  This means that:   Darwin’s Theory is a theory/a myth and is not correct!   Evolution of man from animals is not a true fact and is not accepted in Islam   But some “evolution” did occur in the same species: in both: man and animals.   Muslims believe in the unique separate creation of each species.   – Each animal should be treated with gentleness and respect, love and care. (RIFQ) -The Holy Book: AL QUR’AN and the Sayings/AHADITH and the behaviour of the final Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) contains a lot of details on ANIMALS and how to treat them? – Several chapters in the Holy Book AL QUR’AN are  named/titled after the animals or some insects, for example: the COW(biggest chapter),The Cattle, The Ant, The Bees, The Spider, The Elephant …  and many other animals which  were mentioned include :sheep, goat, camel, horse, donkey, fish, birds, frog, monkey, whale and so on.. -Every kind of animal is a COMMUNITY like us, according to the Qur’an.  (“THERE IS NO ANIMAL ON EARTH, NOR BIRD WHICH FLIES ON WINGS, BUT THEY ARECOMMUNITIES LIKE YOU!  WE HAVE NEGLECTED NOTHING IN THE BOOK, THEN TO THEIR LORD THEY WILL BE GATHERED!”)   (Qur’an: Chapter 6/verse 38 )    COMMUNITY means that each kind of animal(& insect), has its own unique way of eating, sleeping, reproduction, language, recreation, social life, feelings, needs (culture and habits…) which should be studied, respected ,protected   then fully facilitated!  (Communities of : horse, sheep, cow, birds ,whale, seal, monkey, dog, fish, chicken, bear, donkey, spider, bees, elephant ,cat, butterfly etc….)  -Every animal or creation  praises  God the Creator(YOUSABBIHOU)…!(each has his/her own way of serving and praising God(prayer) but we do not understand it, as mentioned in the QUR’AN). -Animals have got souls. -Animals will be raised on the Day of Judgment, man will be questioned by God, if he/she has mistreated any animal in their life and justice will be given to every animal and punishment for the wrong doer…!  -Many animals go to Heaven!  -In Islam, Muslims are ordered to give each animal: his/her RIGHTS:  -Natural food/organic/ “halal” (no animal protein to the vegetarian animals which we do eat, no Genetically modified food…) and to protect them from any filthy harmful food/chemicals… -Water( natural/safe) -Natural  conception/pregnancy, offspring’s, motherhood and breastfeeding
-Right for natural mating and to have babies(No to neutering or castration)
 The animals we eat are Vegetarians by nature…and their Digestive systems have been created to eat and digest Vegetables only..
No animal protein to be given to cow/sheep and poultry.
Otherwise: BSE/Mad cow disease…Mad Sheep disease…Mad  chicken disease !-Security/shelter and safety and protection from wild carnivorous animals -protection from cold/rain/drought/hot weather… -To be used for what GOD has created it( its natural function):for example not to ride a cow but ride a horse. -To be treated when affected by any illness.(vet) -To  allow it to live among its own community/”society”.  -To have freedom to some extent: access to sun air space and opportunity for: flying jumping and playing (recreation)… -Healthy living: no bad unnatural diet, no hormones and antibiotics no dangerous chemicals from vaccines…. – -Right for its “complaint and be heard”! -Right to have justice especially on the Day of Judgment -Right for a gentle humane care and welfare. THE 5 FREEDOMS OF THE FARM ANIMAL WELFARE COUNCIL ARE GRANTED AND GUARANTEED TO EVERY ANIMAL IN ISLAM: Freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain injury and disease, freedom to express normal behaviour, freedom from fear and distress (these RIGHTS and Freedoms, are based in some verses in the Holy BOOK AL QUR’AN and some AHADITH/Sayings and  stories which occurred with the prophet Muhammad  peace be upon him)/see later. Furthermore if you look and search the internet, you will find : Under ANIMAL CARE AND WELFARE IN ISLAM:  1,090,000 sites/studies(now more) Under ANIMAL RIGHTS IN ISLAM  : 4,610,000  sites/studies .(now more…) This is true mainly in domestic animals and the animals which we are allowed to eat and consume.(but other wild animals to be protected in their own communities) -Any cruelty/harsh treatment or infliction of pain to any animal is forbidden  in Islam and is a SIN and is  punishable, as in:   fox hunting ,bull fighting, cock fighting, factory farming, caging/imprisoning, painful unnecessary vivisection/ most animal experiments, cloning, stunning before slaughter, hitting, deprivation from food or water, carrying heavy weight, misuse and abuse  (e.g use as target to hit/shoot at),branding , docking of dogs tails, maternal deprivation,  the cruel seal hunting, exposure to cold/rain/hot weather…etc  -Keeping every kind of animal alive/protection of the species, is recommended in Islam, as demonstrated in Noah’s Ark before!(Preservation of the species). -A person can go to Heaven/Paradise even for just providing food/drink to a needy animal!   A person can go to Hell just because of cruelty or food deprivation to an animal ! (as stated by the final  prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). -There is a reward in offering food or water to any animal, as the prophet said! -From the prophet MUHAMMAD(peace be upon him)/the teacher:  here is some STORIES in brief from his life:  * Was angry one day when he discovered a mother  bird distressed  and agitated because someone had taken her babies and he said: “who has distressed  this mother by taking her babies! give back her babies..!”  *Was angry when a cat was locked inside the house and died from starvation?   He said the owner is in hell!  *Defended a weak camel who was suffering and in tears and complaining … he told the owner: fear Allah with this animal. Do not make him hungry or suffer..!  *Cursed who use the animal as a target to shoot at.  *Prohibited the hitting of the animal especially on the face!  *Prohibited to provoke fight between animals, as in cock fighting.  *Opposed the use the animal for different function, like riding the cow.  *Opposed the harsh cruel pulling of a sheep from the ears.  * Treated a sick dog…  *Opened the door for a cat, who was scratching it, while he was in prayer..  *Opposed the burning of a colony of ants (burning any animal or man are forbidden)  *Changed the direction of the army one day to a different road ,when he saw on his way a dog in labour/ giving birth , and tried to avoid disturbing her…!  * Gave  us many Sayings/Ahadith, ordering us to treat each animal gently, with utmost care and welfare…as the way to Heaven..!  We should not forget also that the prophet Muhammad himself was a shepherd and he looked  very well  after the sheep’s with best care and welfare (organic natural farming); etc……etc…..  -The Khalifah (president) Omar Bin Khattab, used to say:  “I will be worried if I will be punished on the Day of Judgment when the animals complain to GOD that they could not walk properly on the roads during their  lives because Khalifah Omar did not fix the road properly and safely for them!”  -In early Islam: A charitable trust (WAQF) was established in order to look after animals, especially those homeless, injured or disabled animals…! -Abu Hourayrah one of the most famous companions of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and narrators of AhHadith/prophet’s sayings, used to look after kitten/hourayrah for this the reason  why he was addressed as  Abu Hourayrah (the father of kittens). -Treating a sick animal is a duty on every Muslim and is highly rewarded!  – Killing an animal for food, should be done quickly, painlessly and without any suffering (as it happens in Religious slaughter, without the use of any stunning) (please see separately my scientific medical study on stunning). It is an order by the prophet Muhammad, when someone is killing an animal (domestic/wild), to do it PAINLESSLY and without  causing any pain or torture to the animal before  its final breath. 
There are fascinating prescribed special animal welfare to be done to the animal at the time of DHABH/slaughter from the Islamic holy Scriptures
 -Offering food and drink to the animal before DHABH 
-Not to sharpen the knife in front of the animal 
-Not to slaughter an animal in front of other animal and to avoid him/her seeing and smelling blood  And to avoid the slaughtering together of a mother and her baby 
-Not to cause any stress to the animal at time of slaughter. 
-Handling each animal individually and gently:  no pushing, no beating and no kicking before slaughter  -Mentioning the Name of GOD/ALLAH (sedative) 
 -Slaughtering the animal while he/she is in a normal comfortable position 
 -Avoiding the slaughter of the sick or disabled animal 
-Not to inflict pain/burn/injuries  on any animal by the use of stunning(the new torture techniques to the animals today ?) 
-No handling /no shackling to the slaughtered animal till he/she is completely dead and motionless.
-Pork/porcine substance and carniverous animals are prohibited to eat. 
 -Cats  can be kept inside the house as a domestic pet, but not dogs…as they are NAJIS/unclean, cause some diseases, bites and injuries and deaths, noise/complaints/court cases and many  other marital/family  problems.  A person can go to Heaven for providing water to a thirsty deprived dog , According to the  final prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)….  (ALL THESE ARE THE BELIEFS OF 1600 MILLION MUSLIMS IN THE WORLD!)  Now there is a great need to establish  here in the UK/west :   Islamic organisations for animal  care and welfare   and  Islamic animal rights organisations  which are based on the rich sources of the  Holy  Islamic Scriptures: Because: many Muslims/and most non Muslims, do not know or are not aware of the fascinating Rights and the welfare of the animals in Islam …and because animals today are suffering  a lot of CRUELTY and ABUSE  in our society especially in the abattoirs!  British Muslims (about three million), should offer to  many animal welfare  and animal rights  organisations in Britain, the rich source in Islam about animal care and welfare and the rights of animals . A HOLY GUIDE for Animal  Care and Welfare has been  available since more than 1400 years ago! ALL  MUSLIMS HAVE AN ISLAMIC DUTY TO PROTECT AND SAVE OUR SUFFERING ANIMALS IN ALL THESE  WAYS LIKE: Factory farming/battery cage, dog and cock fighting , fox hunting ,animal experimentation/Vivisection ,pets abuse at home, pet abandonment, horse racing, animals in circus and in zoos, genetic manipulation ,sterilisation, maternal deprivation…just to name few! This is apart from the daily abuse, cruelty, torture and suffering  by the use of different stunning techniques  before animal slaughter ! The RSPCA(Royal Society for the Protection of animals) receives over 150 000 complaints /year regarding the cruelty and neglect to our innocent animals! BRITISH MUSLIMS SHOULD COME OUT AND  SPEAK UP AND ORGANISE THEIR NATIONAL PLAN  IN ORDER TO PROTECT AND  SAVE OUR  SUFFERING INNOCENT  ANIMALS IN OUR SOCIETY TODAY!
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NO TO POST- CUT STUNNING?   I would like give some scientific medical background to this unnecessary  new proposed practice of stunning???:  -It affects  and interferes with the normal natural safe  painless  quick process of dying and  will delay it….. It affects the heart,blood vessels,hormones and chemicals,contractions and convulsions etc…??-It will damages the  natural healthy chemical  quality of the meat( becoming not Tayyib)-?can be painful? to the animal.-Is a deviation from prophet’s Muhammad humane way of Dhabh and we have been warned by the prophet that he will “fight us” if we did not do Zabiha exactly like him..-In Islam: the welfare of the animal is first and before any more profit or money. – the electricity  is applied before the end of the blood drainage which does depend on strong beating heart and strong active convulsions and contractions.– the electricity  can stop the heart  of some animals, and this will cause a reduction in the amount of blood that will flow from the animal  and the animal might die from the stunning/MITAH which makes the meat HARAM to eat?-At least it is SHUBUHA/doubtful(animal dies before ,blood stays more inside the meat/animal? So we should avoid the eating of this doubtful meat.– the electric shock will immobilize the animal and the natural painless contractions and convulsions will not be able to take place, and it will reduce too the amount of blood that will flow from the animal. – the death on the animal take place very quickly in the prophetic method/no stunning , in less than a minute …-Finally I would like to inform you that this method is used for only economic questions/GREED (to kill more animals per Hour) because when the animal is slaughtered correctly by the Methode of our prophet (SAAWS), it became unconscious very quickly, after few seconds.(It will be useful to make some  medical research and studies on this new proposal: Stunning after the cut?)Dr A. Majid Katme (MBBCh, DPM) Ex-President   Islamic Medical Association/UK