NO TO POST- CUT STUNNING?   I would like give some scientific medical background to this unnecessary  new proposed practice of stunning???:  -It affects  and interferes with the normal natural safe  painless  quick process of dying and  will delay it….. It affects the heart,blood vessels,hormones and chemicals,contractions and convulsions etc…??-It will damages the  natural healthy chemical  quality of the meat( becoming not Tayyib)-?can be painful? to the animal.-Is a deviation from prophet’s Muhammad humane way of Dhabh and we have been warned by the prophet that he will “fight us” if we did not do Zabiha exactly like him..-In Islam: the welfare of the animal is first and before any more profit or money. – the electricity  is applied before the end of the blood drainage which does depend on strong beating heart and strong active convulsions and contractions.– the electricity  can stop the heart  of some animals, and this will cause a reduction in the amount of blood that will flow from the animal  and the animal might die from the stunning/MITAH which makes the meat HARAM to eat?-At least it is SHUBUHA/doubtful(animal dies before ,blood stays more inside the meat/animal? So we should avoid the eating of this doubtful meat.– the electric shock will immobilize the animal and the natural painless contractions and convulsions will not be able to take place, and it will reduce too the amount of blood that will flow from the animal. – the death on the animal take place very quickly in the prophetic method/no stunning , in less than a minute …-Finally I would like to inform you that this method is used for only economic questions/GREED (to kill more animals per Hour) because when the animal is slaughtered correctly by the Methode of our prophet (SAAWS), it became unconscious very quickly, after few seconds.(It will be useful to make some  medical research and studies on this new proposal: Stunning after the cut?)Dr A. Majid Katme (MBBCh, DPM) Ex-President   Islamic Medical Association/UK