We have seen clearly from  the many medical/scientific reports and government’s  studies thatmany animals when they are stunned before doing  Dhabh ,do give us many Muharramat(Mitah/death of some  animals before doing  the cut, consumption of  blood  which is Haram too with  the infliction of cruelty and suffering to the animals , and  having  new  problems related to stunning: failure of stunning , repeat stunning etc…In my previous medical study on stunning which was based  on  36 scientific studies and research papers done by western scientists the following facts and evidences were found:

       *  Stress to the animal (in at least 7 studies)

  • Death before doing the cut/sticking (in at least 7 studies)
  • Harmful effects in the quality of the meat (in at least 4 studies)
  • Internal hemorrhage, blood splash, speckle, salt and pepper hemorrhage inside the meat  as a result of stunning (in at least 8 studies)
  • Pain (shown in at least 10 scientific studies) which throws doubt on the ability to measure pain in the animal and hints that the animal may be suffering pain in the different methods of slaughter used.
  • EEG (Electro-encephalograph): there are at least 7 studies which throw doubt on the validity of this measure that the animal is conscious or has lost consciousness.

Many scientists opposed  the use of stunning: Van der Wal –78, Wernberg –79, Mcloughlin –71, Pollard –73, winstanley –81, and Marple –77, etc.

With regard to Pain. I would like to quote from the FAWC Report (1985), ‘There is a lack of scientific evidence to indicate at what stage in the process of losing consciousness the ability to feel pain ceases.’

I also quote Baldwin 1971, (quoted by Biala1983):”The question whether thr animal is suffering pain during the period of consciousness is not so readily appropriate to objective experimental investigation”.

.It is clearly, beyond any doubt, the least to say that the assumption of stunning is questionable, and it is quite unfair for the RSPCA, FAWC and others to attack Muslims (and Jews), criticizing their slaughtering methods, and to recommend new laws, enforcing stunning, which have no scientific basis and are unreliable, owing to the problems, harm and cruelty resulting from its practice. (People in glass houses should not throw stones!)

It is mistaken to identify the cut on the animal with oneself, thinking it is causing pain.

I would like to quote Ray & Scott from their book ‘The Humane Emergency of Farm Animals’ (UFAW):

‘So far as actual physical suffering is concerned, men often identify themselves with the animal they kill and assess pain in terms of their own feeling. To some extent, at least, this attitude is justified but, whereas man is invariably conscious of the inevitability and significance of death, animals usually lack such apprehension unless they are badly handled and feel menaced”

“ Human feelings, however, should as far as possible not be allowed to influence the use of the most humane techniques”.

In addition, we are insulting a dumb creature which cannot express it’s feelings or sensations by speech, etc.They are,as reported by Rebecca Hall in her book, ‘Voiceless Victims’.

Meat industries are always keen to stun as many animals as possible in the least possible time and so commercial interests have often been the overriding factor

I would like to conclude, that an up-to-date assessment of the Islamic (or religious) method of slaughter shows, beyond doubt, that the Divine PROPHETIC  method  of DHABH/animal slaughter , is the only humane method which is free from side-effects and secondary effects on the animal and the consumer and which matches almost all the criteria for the best method of slaughter as I explained before and is to be recommended all the times and in all places.!.

Obviously we are all  with all Sciences and technology and animal welfare before, during and after doing the cut of Dhabh.

However the  Prophetic Method of Dhabh is SACROSANCT  and is fixed by all the Prophets before.

Finally I like to end  with this authentic  clear Hadith of Sayyidna Muhammad,Sallal Lahu Alayhi Wasallam who gave us a serious warning that he will FIGHT all those who do not do Dhabh like him(direct and without any type of  stunning) :

Narrated by  Anas bin Malik:

Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah.’ And if they say so, pray like our prayers, face our Qibla and slaughter as we slaughter”, then their blood and property will be sacred to us….”
At the end of the Hadith ,The prophet  Muhammad(pbuh)  mentioned  that THE MUSLIM is the one who  prays  like us and eats  our slaughtered animals
Ref:Sahih Al Bukhari 1:8:387 
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