In the Name of ALLAH , the Most Compassionate the Most Merciful  “THERE IS NO ANIMAL ON EARTH, NOR BIRD WHICH FLIES ON WINGS, BUT THEY ARE COMMUNITIES LIKE YOU!  WE HAVE NEGLECTED NOTHING IN THE BOOK, THEN TO THEIR LORD THEY WILL BE GATHERED!”)   (Qur’an: Chapter 6/verse 38 ) In Islam we are taught that…  -God Almighty has created/made, mankind, animals and the universe.  -Man is the Vicegerent of GOD/ khalifah and is placed in charge of all the creatures like animals   -This status gives man a great responsibility/accountability and he should be caring for what is placed under his control.  – Man was created directly from dust/sand, animals were created separately,  This means that:   Darwin’s Theory is a theory/a myth and is not correct!   Evolution of man from animals is not a true fact and is not accepted in Islam   But some “evolution” did occur in the same species: in both: man and animals.   Muslims believe in the unique separate creation of each species.   – Each animal should be treated with gentleness and respect, love and care. (RIFQ) -The Holy Book: AL QUR’AN and the Sayings/AHADITH and the behaviour of the final Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) contains a lot of details on ANIMALS and how to treat them? – Several chapters in the Holy Book AL QUR’AN are  named/titled after the animals or some insects, for example: the COW(biggest chapter),The Cattle, The Ant, The Bees, The Spider, The Elephant …  and many other animals which  were mentioned include :sheep, goat, camel, horse, donkey, fish, birds, frog, monkey, whale and so on.. -Every kind of animal is a COMMUNITY like us, according to the Qur’an.  (“THERE IS NO ANIMAL ON EARTH, NOR BIRD WHICH FLIES ON WINGS, BUT THEY ARECOMMUNITIES LIKE YOU!  WE HAVE NEGLECTED NOTHING IN THE BOOK, THEN TO THEIR LORD THEY WILL BE GATHERED!”)   (Qur’an: Chapter 6/verse 38 )    COMMUNITY means that each kind of animal(& insect), has its own unique way of eating, sleeping, reproduction, language, recreation, social life, feelings, needs (culture and habits…) which should be studied, respected ,protected   then fully facilitated!  (Communities of : horse, sheep, cow, birds ,whale, seal, monkey, dog, fish, chicken, bear, donkey, spider, bees, elephant ,cat, butterfly etc….)  -Every animal or creation  praises  God the Creator(YOUSABBIHOU)…!(each has his/her own way of serving and praising God(prayer) but we do not understand it, as mentioned in the QUR’AN). -Animals have got souls. -Animals will be raised on the Day of Judgment, man will be questioned by God, if he/she has mistreated any animal in their life and justice will be given to every animal and punishment for the wrong doer…!  -Many animals go to Heaven!  -In Islam, Muslims are ordered to give each animal: his/her RIGHTS:  -Natural food/organic/ “halal” (no animal protein to the vegetarian animals which we do eat, no Genetically modified food…) and to protect them from any filthy harmful food/chemicals… -Water( natural/safe) -Natural  conception/pregnancy, offspring’s, motherhood and breastfeeding
-Right for natural mating and to have babies(No to neutering or castration)
 The animals we eat are Vegetarians by nature…and their Digestive systems have been created to eat and digest Vegetables only..
No animal protein to be given to cow/sheep and poultry.
Otherwise: BSE/Mad cow disease…Mad Sheep disease…Mad  chicken disease !-Security/shelter and safety and protection from wild carnivorous animals -protection from cold/rain/drought/hot weather… -To be used for what GOD has created it( its natural function):for example not to ride a cow but ride a horse. -To be treated when affected by any illness.(vet) -To  allow it to live among its own community/”society”.  -To have freedom to some extent: access to sun air space and opportunity for: flying jumping and playing (recreation)… -Healthy living: no bad unnatural diet, no hormones and antibiotics no dangerous chemicals from vaccines…. – -Right for its “complaint and be heard”! -Right to have justice especially on the Day of Judgment -Right for a gentle humane care and welfare. THE 5 FREEDOMS OF THE FARM ANIMAL WELFARE COUNCIL ARE GRANTED AND GUARANTEED TO EVERY ANIMAL IN ISLAM: Freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain injury and disease, freedom to express normal behaviour, freedom from fear and distress (these RIGHTS and Freedoms, are based in some verses in the Holy BOOK AL QUR’AN and some AHADITH/Sayings and  stories which occurred with the prophet Muhammad  peace be upon him)/see later. Furthermore if you look and search the internet, you will find : Under ANIMAL CARE AND WELFARE IN ISLAM:  1,090,000 sites/studies(now more) Under ANIMAL RIGHTS IN ISLAM  : 4,610,000  sites/studies .(now more…) This is true mainly in domestic animals and the animals which we are allowed to eat and consume.(but other wild animals to be protected in their own communities) -Any cruelty/harsh treatment or infliction of pain to any animal is forbidden  in Islam and is a SIN and is  punishable, as in:   fox hunting ,bull fighting, cock fighting, factory farming, caging/imprisoning, painful unnecessary vivisection/ most animal experiments, cloning, stunning before slaughter, hitting, deprivation from food or water, carrying heavy weight, misuse and abuse  (e.g use as target to hit/shoot at),branding , docking of dogs tails, maternal deprivation,  the cruel seal hunting, exposure to cold/rain/hot weather…etc  -Keeping every kind of animal alive/protection of the species, is recommended in Islam, as demonstrated in Noah’s Ark before!(Preservation of the species). -A person can go to Heaven/Paradise even for just providing food/drink to a needy animal!   A person can go to Hell just because of cruelty or food deprivation to an animal ! (as stated by the final  prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). -There is a reward in offering food or water to any animal, as the prophet said! -From the prophet MUHAMMAD(peace be upon him)/the teacher:  here is some STORIES in brief from his life:  * Was angry one day when he discovered a mother  bird distressed  and agitated because someone had taken her babies and he said: “who has distressed  this mother by taking her babies! give back her babies..!”  *Was angry when a cat was locked inside the house and died from starvation?   He said the owner is in hell!  *Defended a weak camel who was suffering and in tears and complaining … he told the owner: fear Allah with this animal. Do not make him hungry or suffer..!  *Cursed who use the animal as a target to shoot at.  *Prohibited the hitting of the animal especially on the face!  *Prohibited to provoke fight between animals, as in cock fighting.  *Opposed the use the animal for different function, like riding the cow.  *Opposed the harsh cruel pulling of a sheep from the ears.  * Treated a sick dog…  *Opened the door for a cat, who was scratching it, while he was in prayer..  *Opposed the burning of a colony of ants (burning any animal or man are forbidden)  *Changed the direction of the army one day to a different road ,when he saw on his way a dog in labour/ giving birth , and tried to avoid disturbing her…!  * Gave  us many Sayings/Ahadith, ordering us to treat each animal gently, with utmost care and welfare…as the way to Heaven..!  We should not forget also that the prophet Muhammad himself was a shepherd and he looked  very well  after the sheep’s with best care and welfare (organic natural farming); etc……etc…..  -The Khalifah (president) Omar Bin Khattab, used to say:  “I will be worried if I will be punished on the Day of Judgment when the animals complain to GOD that they could not walk properly on the roads during their  lives because Khalifah Omar did not fix the road properly and safely for them!”  -In early Islam: A charitable trust (WAQF) was established in order to look after animals, especially those homeless, injured or disabled animals…! -Abu Hourayrah one of the most famous companions of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and narrators of AhHadith/prophet’s sayings, used to look after kitten/hourayrah for this the reason  why he was addressed as  Abu Hourayrah (the father of kittens). -Treating a sick animal is a duty on every Muslim and is highly rewarded!  – Killing an animal for food, should be done quickly, painlessly and without any suffering (as it happens in Religious slaughter, without the use of any stunning) (please see separately my scientific medical study on stunning). It is an order by the prophet Muhammad, when someone is killing an animal (domestic/wild), to do it PAINLESSLY and without  causing any pain or torture to the animal before  its final breath. 
There are fascinating prescribed special animal welfare to be done to the animal at the time of DHABH/slaughter from the Islamic holy Scriptures
 -Offering food and drink to the animal before DHABH 
-Not to sharpen the knife in front of the animal 
-Not to slaughter an animal in front of other animal and to avoid him/her seeing and smelling blood  And to avoid the slaughtering together of a mother and her baby 
-Not to cause any stress to the animal at time of slaughter. 
-Handling each animal individually and gently:  no pushing, no beating and no kicking before slaughter  -Mentioning the Name of GOD/ALLAH (sedative) 
 -Slaughtering the animal while he/she is in a normal comfortable position 
 -Avoiding the slaughter of the sick or disabled animal 
-Not to inflict pain/burn/injuries  on any animal by the use of stunning(the new torture techniques to the animals today ?) 
-No handling /no shackling to the slaughtered animal till he/she is completely dead and motionless.
-Pork/porcine substance and carniverous animals are prohibited to eat. 
 -Cats  can be kept inside the house as a domestic pet, but not dogs…as they are NAJIS/unclean, cause some diseases, bites and injuries and deaths, noise/complaints/court cases and many  other marital/family  problems.  A person can go to Heaven for providing water to a thirsty deprived dog , According to the  final prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)….  (ALL THESE ARE THE BELIEFS OF 1600 MILLION MUSLIMS IN THE WORLD!)  Now there is a great need to establish  here in the UK/west :   Islamic organisations for animal  care and welfare   and  Islamic animal rights organisations  which are based on the rich sources of the  Holy  Islamic Scriptures: Because: many Muslims/and most non Muslims, do not know or are not aware of the fascinating Rights and the welfare of the animals in Islam …and because animals today are suffering  a lot of CRUELTY and ABUSE  in our society especially in the abattoirs!  British Muslims (about three million), should offer to  many animal welfare  and animal rights  organisations in Britain, the rich source in Islam about animal care and welfare and the rights of animals . A HOLY GUIDE for Animal  Care and Welfare has been  available since more than 1400 years ago! ALL  MUSLIMS HAVE AN ISLAMIC DUTY TO PROTECT AND SAVE OUR SUFFERING ANIMALS IN ALL THESE  WAYS LIKE: Factory farming/battery cage, dog and cock fighting , fox hunting ,animal experimentation/Vivisection ,pets abuse at home, pet abandonment, horse racing, animals in circus and in zoos, genetic manipulation ,sterilisation, maternal deprivation…just to name few! This is apart from the daily abuse, cruelty, torture and suffering  by the use of different stunning techniques  before animal slaughter ! The RSPCA(Royal Society for the Protection of animals) receives over 150 000 complaints /year regarding the cruelty and neglect to our innocent animals! BRITISH MUSLIMS SHOULD COME OUT AND  SPEAK UP AND ORGANISE THEIR NATIONAL PLAN  IN ORDER TO PROTECT AND  SAVE OUR  SUFFERING INNOCENT  ANIMALS IN OUR SOCIETY TODAY!
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