The Fallacy Of Stunning The Animal Without Been Killed

The Fallacy of stunning the animal without been killed??


-According to Farm Animal Welfare Council’s Report before: 1/3 of chickens die from stunning and before doing the cut(This is MITAH/HARAM to eat as mentioned in the Qur’an) ?

The percentage could be less sometimes,however always there will be some animals with weak hearts or sick who will die from stunning or their hearts stop , besides, there is no person at all at time of slaughtering who will check and monitor if each chicken/animal is surely alive after stunning( when you are killing 12 000 15 000/hour), and especially when the industry is competing more in order to kill more/hour all the times.)

The Fatwa/Islamic ruling is:Meat from stunned animals will not accepted even if it kills just one single chicken or animal ,as all the other chickens will be SHUBUHA/doubtful to eat ,Ulamas have said.

We believe that many Muslims ,unfortunately ,are eating meat coming from animals who died in stunning and before doing the cut(Haram).

Unfortunately, only few Ulamas who do not know and lack the scientific medical knowledge about the effects of stunning and the many haram and health hazards and cruelty resulting from stunning,have been DECEIVED by few ‘muslim’ businessmen who use stunning in order to justify their non Halal way of Zabiha and get a certificate that it is ?halal???

Some businessmen are buying the ?Halal certificate? from some “Imams”/Muslim organisations

Muslims should watch out for any ‘pseudoscientific’ paper done by a’ muslim’ on this subject, in order to convince the Muslims that the animal did not die from stunning and all is halal???

We should remember also that if the animal die from stunning or his pumping heart stops,we will have more blood inside which will be consumed by the Muslims???

Apart from this big fallacy,there are many other haram reasons and health hazards and problems and cruelty resulting from stunning,even if surely the animal did not die from stunning,and which also are not known to these few NAIVE Ulamas/speakers,who gave their wrong fatwa that :It is okay to eat the meat as long it does not kill the animal??? (by the way :the majority of Ulamas in their Fatawas ,especially in the UK,OPPOSE any type of stunning)

Personally when I gave many talks on stunning in many conferences for Ulamas in different cities of Britain,I could not meet till now one single Imam or scholar who agreed with stunning!The problem today is the IGNORANCE about the many dangerous/haram effects of stunning on the animals and consumers ,even among some ‘ULAMAS!’

We should remember also that the UK and the EU are moving now towards the new method of stunning:


to make the animal die instantaneously from stunning,which is absolutely prohibited in Islam!

I would like now to mention these other haram and horrible outcomes which do result from stunning,even if the animal is alive after stunning , and which are unfortunately DENIED OR DELIBERATELY FORGOTTEN or NOT KNOWN by all those who are after the so called stunning which does not kill the animal?:

-Internal unseen Haemorrhage do occur ( some of the small blood vessels rupture inside the meat/ called :SALT AND PEPPER HAEMORRHAGE,as a result of stunning),This was mentioned in many medical studies.

So we have unseen blood inside the meat or leg and Muslims are eating the meat with blood inside?,Blood is FORBIDDEN to consume in Islam,according to the QUR’AN and is very dangerous to your health according to all doctors today! Another big SHUBUHA/doubt here?

– Any type of stunning causes PAIN and is cruel to the animal,who can not speak or complaint.(According to some Medical studies based on the EEG recording of the brain)

There is also:failure of stunning,repeated stunning causing to many animals:paralysis,broken bones etc…(more pain,cruelty and suffering to the innocent animals!)

It is even a common sense:none of us can put his finger inside the electric plug for fear of electricity which is painful and which is used frequently in stunning.

When I use to work in hospitals as a doctor in order to give electric shock to the patient who is suffering from depression,general anaesthesia has to be given first and before,as the electricity is PAINFUL!

So why we justify it to the animal who had no general anaesthesia before stunning?

Inflicting any pain or cruelty on any animal is forbidden in Islam!

And animals are highly respected in Islam,above any business or greed or money.

-Stunning do ‘disturb and disrupt’ the natural healthy chemical orginal formula/structure of the meat and its normal ingredients? thus maiking the meat unnatural unsafe and unhealthy and definetely


(I got a copy of Phd done by a Muslim before on this issue).

-Any one using any type of stunning is DISOBEYING the final prophet Muhammad(pbuh) who explained clearly to us in a Hadith how to do Zabiha..and he showed it to us by his hands how is done…and he is our teacher and model to follow and copy.

More: the prophet Muhammad has warned us in a clear authentic Hadith that he will fight any one who does not slaughter the animal as he did exactly ???

Who would like to be a war with the prophet Muhammad,peace be upon him?
It is the same method done by all the prophets:Ibraham,Moses,Jesus and Muhammad(peace be upon them)..the only MERCIFUL and HALAL method:DIRECT method without any type of stunning!

-In the Qur’an,there is a verse which has described 2 types of stunning:Strangulation,as done to some innocent chickens today when their heads are forcibly immersed inside the electrified water bath? and the other: severe Blow to the head? this same Ayah describes also that:it is forbidden to consume blood or the meat from animal who died before the DHABH/Zabiha or to eat any pork or porcine substance which are all occuring today in most of so called Halal meat/chicken Zabiha,which are stunned???(Surah AL MAEEDA No 5, verse:3)

-Recent new medical studies have shown the IMPORTANCE to have LIVE CONSCIOUS HEARING animals in order to hear TASMIAH: BISMILLAH ALLAH AKBAR(in the Name of ALLAH,ALLAH AKBAR,which is a basic and major ruling in doing the halal Zabiha.

It was found to act as a tranquilliser/sedative to both: the man/ slaughterman and to the animal,but more it was found to purify the meat from bacteria and blood!

A new medical miracle…these fascinating medical results will not occur if the animal is unconscious as done in stunning?

We have DVD/books on this new medical discovery,Islam channel TV has shown it at least 3 times.(you can see the DVD on many websites like this

-The least to say that: any meat from stunned animals is SHUBUHA/DOUBTFUL,and ALL ULAMAS SAID WE SHOULD AVOID IT COMPLETELY AS IT IS SHUBUHA?this is well known Fatwa on anything in life.

-Our DU’AS/supplication will not be accepted if we ate non halal Tayyib meat,as in many AHADITH.

Dr A.Majid Katme(MBBCh,DPM)

Medical Researcher and Spokesman on Halal meat and Food(Islamic Medical Association/UK)

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