Halal Diet to the Animal

Halal diet to the animal


There is no doubt that the Muslims who have been involved in the Halal meat campaign and industries have, by and large,neglected over the years, the Islamic issue issue of feeding or making sure that their halal animals which they slaughter and eat like:sheep,cow,chicken… have been eating before and during their life , their own natural “halal diet” which is supposed to be VEGETERIAN and free from animal protein.
If we look to the Islamic teachings regarding the sources of the animals for halal meat,we will find that they are HERBIVEROUS or “VEGETERIAN” animals , and which do depend on grass/plants and grain(CROPS) for their diet and healthy normal living.

The word: ZAR’A or grass/plant(CROPS) have been mentioned as the natural “halal diet” for these animals.

Bismillahi Alrahmani Alrahim:
(Surah 32(ALSAJDAH/Prostration)-verse 27)

Our beloved Teacher and Model,Sayyidna Muhammad,peace be upon him,uses to be a shepherd looking after the sheeps who were grazing and eating grass and plants.

In Islam,we are not allowed to eat the meat of the CARNVEROUS animals which do normally eat the meat of other animals(animal protein) like: cat,dog,lion, pig etc…

Muslim scholars before talked a lot on the questionable meat (LAHM AL JALLALAH) which is the meat coming from our halal animals who have been fed any unnatural diet like the meat of other animals( animal protein) as it has been practiced in the west;:

They stated clearly that Muslims can not eat the meat of these animals and suggested,if one is going to eat any, to starve the animal/near death for a long period(30 days for the cow,3 days for the chicken),then offer the animal after its own natural vegeterian diet.
No doubt this unnatural diet,will make too the meat of the animal not TAYYIB(pure) and not healthy.
Medically we know today that the Digestive enzymes of our Herbiverous animals can not digest any animal protein.

This is a biological abuse and hidden cruelty to these innocent speechless animals if we fed them this unnatural diet!

When this divine rule was broken in the early 80th in Britain in the feeding of the cow,we had BSE/Mad Cow disease which has led to the destruction and the killing of a large number of the cows.
Most consumers avoided eating beef in the Uk and abroad.
This has resulted in causing a huge financial loss to the cattle industry here in Britain and in some other countries,as there was a big business in the export of cows.
What made it worse is the feeding of these innocent animals: Pork remains and blood?

After , this type of unnatural feeding was stopped and banned by the EU :the feeding of cows the offals/animal protein from other animals …so back to nature and to the natural vegetrian diet/feed to cows,as fixed and designed beautifully and safely before by our Almighty ALLAH ,the Creator and the Designer and the Merciful to both: man and animals!
It was for Health reasons and Economic reasons,the new law:banning of animal protein in the diet of the cow/cattle.

The decision was taken by all EU countries. Unfortunately recently the EU has decided on the 11 July this month to LIFT THE BAN on feeding the poultry the remains and blood of PORK,purely for financial reasons…and to be implemented in 2015??? It seems that they have not learned the lesson from the big BSE disaster before??? Muslims in Europe should OPPOSE again this wrong decision for the same reasons,and because of the large consumption of poultry by the Muslims ,as we do not have till now our own organic halal farms for our own supply and we generally depend on the poultry which are sold to us by non Muslim companies!

This case is worse to us as the EU want to feed the poultry:the remains and the blood of the porks,which are also NAJIS(unclean) and full of health hazardsot be close to any source of pork in their diet?
,as there will be some risk in contamination?
We do admit the occasionally and very rarely the chicken might pick up an insect and worm…but this is a rarity and the normal and common natural diet of the chicken is GRAINS/”vegeterians” .

On 13th July/Wednesday morning,On BBC radio 4 :FARMING TODAY(5.45-6 am) ,I talked on the radio(short interview) and expressed the Islamic opposition to this new decision by the EU, which did not respect the religious beliefs of about 30 million Muslim consumers in Europe and I incisted that LABELLING should be mandatory on all poultry have been fed pork’s remains ,so European Muslims can have the informed choice and avoid eating these doubtful or non halal poultry?
In the same time,I recommend that Muslims work on establishing their own Halal organic farms or work closely with the present organic farm industries.

All Muslims should lobby too their owm MEP,so Muslims can eat their own halal poultry which have not been fed the pork’s remains.

We like to say more:
All poultry on the market anywhere should not be fed at all the pork’s remains for health and animal welfare reasons and this new EU decision should be withdrawn!
During my interview on the radio,a big representative of the Poultry industry agreed after to organise the special “halal” supply of poultry to the Muslim consumers(?)

Dr A Majid Katme

Muslim medical researcher and Spokesman on Halal meat(Islamic Medical Association)/UK

T: 07944 240 622