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Welcome Halal Tayyib Meat Online


Department for Environment,Food and Rural Affairs(DEFRA), which is a Government body, has issued its NEWS RELEASE on the 8th March/2005 titled:


In this response,the Animal Welfare minister,Mr Ben Bradshaw,has stated:

"the Government has maintained its position in not accepting FAWC’s recommendation that slaughter without prior stunning should be banned!
He also said: the Government respected the rights of communities in Britain to slaughter animals in accordance with the requirements of their religion"

And In his response to Recommendation 201 he said:
"the Government does not intend to ban the slaughter of animals without prior stunning by religious groups..the Government is committed to respect the rights of religious groups (Jewish and Muslims)…"

We like here,on behalf of the British muslims, to thank the Minister/Government and DEFRA for their understanding and acceptance of our religious rights and needs in animal slaughter/DHABH,without the use of any stunning technique,and as in the present British law now.

However,we like to confirm again that ,the religious method/without stunning,is the only HUMANE method which was prescribed by GOD ..and was implemented by all prophets of GOD: Abraham,Moses,Jesus and Muhammad,the final prophet(peace be upon them) as a mercy to man and to animals!
Not only that ,but it does give us also the most healthy type of meat,as prooved by the new medical sciences.

We like to appeal to the Minister and to DEFRA,to reconsider : this Divine humane
method for all animal slaughter in Britain,and to STOP all stunning techniques,for the welfare of the animals and for the Health of our nation!

We, also like to appeal to all the muslims involved in animal slaughter/"HALAL",to stick to prophet Muhammad’s way in animal slaughter/DHABH,and without any type of stunning/torture techniques,especially when the law of the land allows us to do that.
Unfortunately,we have to admit that ,the majority of the so called:"HALAL MEAT".".HALAL FOOD" which are sold to the Muslims today ARE NOT HALAL BUT "HARAM"!
And those "muslims" involved in this "HARAM" business, are Betraying Sayyidna Muhammad,peace be upon him,cheating their own muslim community , inflicting a lot of cruely on animals and feeding our innocent children/community:
"Haram" unhealthy meat!!!!

Here is a list of some Websites which expose the the Harams,Health hazards and the cruelties inflicted on the innocent animals when stunning is used: Park mosque/Islamic Cultural Centre) (Muslim Council of Britain) (Halal Monitoring Committee) (Jewish)

Another neglected issue by the muslims,is important to emphasize:

TO FEED/GROW the ANIMALS before doing any halal slaughter: on natural diet/organic(grass and plants,as mentioned in the Qur’an): And to avoid completely animal proteins Genetically modified feed and all hormones,antibiotics and chemicals, in order to have TAYYIB meat(natural,pure,wholesome,healthy safe and blessed…)
Time has come to put our house in order,especially in Halal meat and Food!
For any enquiry,please contact me on: 07944 240 622 E-mail:
(I am available for interview).

Dr A.Majid Katme
Muslim Spokesman on Halal meat and Food/Islamic Medical Association

23 March 2005

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Welcome Halal Tayyib Meat Online

ORDER TO DO DHABH/animal slaughter exactly as done by the Prophet Muhammad The HADITH/Saying of the final Prophet Muhammad,peace be upon him:

Narrated Anas bin Malik:
Allah’s Apostle said, "I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: ‘None has the right to be worshiped but Allah.’ And if they say so, pray like our prayers, face our Qibla and slaughter as we slaughter, then their blood and property will be sacred to us and we will not interfere with them except legally and their reckoning will be with Allah."
Narrated Maimun ibn Siyah that he asked Anas bin Malik, "O Abu Hamza! What makes the life and property of a person sacred?" He replied, "Whoever says, ‘None has the right to be worshiped but Allah’, faces our Qibla during the prayers, prays like us and
eats our slaughtered animal, then he is a Muslim, and has got the same rights and obligations as other Muslims have."

Ref:Buhkari Volume 1, Book 8, Number 387:


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Other Issues

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Welcome Halal Tayyib Meat Online

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Pain And Cruelty

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Welcome Halal Tayyib Meat Online

Pain and cruelty



The RELIGIOUS Prophetic method of animal slaughter(DHABH) is the direct method which is done without the use of any type of stunning .
It is the same method which was adopted and practiced by all the prophets of GOD(peace be upon them).

-Abraham,the father of the prophets
-Moses for the Jews(Kosher)
-Jesus for the Christians(Kosher)
-And finally by the final prophet Muhammad for the Muslims(Halal)

No doubt the act of slaughter is a motive and frightening view to watch:A knife doing the cut in the neck,blood coming out,convulsions and contractions…then death!
The public at large has thought over the years that this act of cutting is "painful and cruel to the animal"
But this was a mere SUBJECTIVE feeling which was not based on any OBJECTIVE evidence or fact.
-Till now,there is no single scientific medical evidence in the whole world which has prooved that the divine method of animal slaughter does cause pain to the animal and is cruel when it is done properly and professionally.We offer a challenge to all to bring us one authentic study?
It is mere illusion and delusion.

-The animal ,after the proper cut,keeps still and does not move at all,one can see that clearly:a gap between the cut and the start of the normal physiological convulsions and contractions !
If the cut does cause pain,so why the animal keeps still for a while after the cut?
It is only later, these physiological contractions and convulsions do occur when the brain has been deprived from blood, and in order to bring blood quickly to the dying brain(Haemorrhagic shock/instantaneous "ANAESTHESIA").
To the lay public, these contractions and convulsions are because of "pain" felt by the animal after the cut,but this is not true and there is no evidence for that.

-In a German research studies on pain,professor Wilhelm Schulze and his colleague Dr Hazim at the school of Veterinary Medicine,Hannover university in Germany ,have prooved through EEG(Electric recording of the brain) comparative medical studies that the animal does not feel "pain" when the cut is done properly.
And evidences of "pain" were noticed when stunning has been used,according to the EEG records.
The study is called:
"ATTEMPTS TO OBJECTIFY PAIN AND CONSCIOUSNESS IN CONVENTIONAL (Captive bolt pistol stunning and ritual(halal) methods of slaughtering sheep and calves"

The conclusion of the study was:

-We all know that electricity,which is used in stunning,is used frequently in the torture of people in prisons as it causes pain

Surely every one of us is scad to touch electricity,because of the pain and the burn resulting after.
Electricity is used widely in the stunning of sheep and to the poultry in their electrified water bath!
Unfortunately these innocent animals can not complaint or speak up!

-Doctors who give ECT(Electro convulsive therapy) as a treatment to some psychiatric patients in hospitals as in depression,do it only after giving general anaesthesia first and before applying the electricity to the patient,as it is painful!

-There are today in many official and government reports a lot of evidences about the pain and suffering affecting the animals following the use of stunning:Failure of stunning,re-stun,animal conscious and paralysed,unable to walk,burns,broken bones etc…
Apart from the cruelty and stress caused by the electric rod, the repeated pushing beating and pinching of the animals in order to move it towards the slaughter’s site???(all these types of cruely are not allowed in Islam)

-Many States in the US have banned the Captive bolt pistol for cattle due to the risk of BSE. The EU had a similar decision on the same method.

-The Farm Animal Welfare Council(FAWC) in Britain,has concluded in their scientific studies that :THERE IS NO EVIDENCEOF PAIN IN RELIGIOUS SLAUGHTER and that IT IS DIFFICULT TO MEASURE PAIN AND DISTRESS DURING THE SLAUGHTER PROCESS IN AN OBJECTIVE SCIENTIFIC MANNER….(FAWC: Report on the Welfare of Farmed Animals at slaughter or killing:Part 1:Red Meat Animals,June 2003/section 194).

-Religious slaughter was considered HUMANE by the US Congress(1958)

-New medical studies suggest that ENDORPHINS secretions(natural pain killers in the animal body,as in human too) do occur with the cut,to avoid also the animal from feeling any "pain".
We have to remember also that the threshold to feel pain in the animal is different from man.


-New medical studies from the University of Damascus in Syria,have prooved that the mentioning of the NAME OF GOD(ALLAH )/TASMIAH on the conscious living hearing animal at time of slaughter, do ACT AS A SEDATIVE/TRANQUILLISER to both: man and animal,and will purify too the meat from germs and bacteria.(Fascinating)

This interesting medical discovery was repeated many times,and it gave the same result!
This was signed by over 25 Professors and doctors in the University.(there are DVD about it in both English and Arabic and a book in Arabic about this discovery)

-It is prohibited in Islam to inflict or cause any pain to any animal.
(Please see separate the Superior rights of the animal in Islam).
-In Islam,every animal is to be handled individually,by a human(familiar),without causing any stress and to give food and water to the animal before and avoiding the animal the sight of any slaughter or blood or sharpening of the knife and to keep the animal in a comfortable position.(ALL THESE ARE BASED INTHE ISLAMIC TEACHINGS)

We do admit,as in every community,that some Muslims do not pratice the proper animal welfare and care at time of slaughter or before and it is in our plan to educate and train all for the best welfare and care to the animal before and during the act of slaughter.To educate all about all Hygiene regulations too.
We are fully with all the technologies of today before and after the slaughter and with the technology for best appropriate knife to use.

Muslims also will be happy to follow all the regulations and the laws of the land and EEC,but without been interfered with their permanent sacred religious act of slaughter,and without the use of any stunning.

-Surely GOD the Creator and all his prophets in Judaism,Christianity and Islam,can not be all cruel to the billion of slaughtered animals over the centuries.
GOD is called : the most Compassionate,the most Merciful and Muhammad,called the mercy to all the creation(man and animals).
-Muslims(and Jews) are ordered clearly in their holy Scriptures to follow their prophets in the act of animal slaughter
All Muslims have been warned by the prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) not to change at all the divine sacred act of animal slaughter.

-Many people in the west do not realise that it is forbidden in Islam and for Muslims to:
Eat any meat which came from an animal who has died before the cut,consume any blood inside the meat,cause any type of pain and cruelty to any animal,change the natural healthy chemical formula of the meat(not TAYYIB),eat some meat which is risky to health ,eat any contaminated meat with any porcine substances…

Unfortunately many of the scientific medical reports on stunning have shown all these forbidden and undesirable outcomes but in different percentages ,when stunning have been used in one way or another.
Even if one doubtful about the presence of any of these outcomes,in Islam we are requested to avoid it all.

Muslims and Jews and others should have the RELIGIOUS and the HUMAN RIGHTS to practice their religions especially in issues of food meat and diet, especially when it is for their own consumption .


Dr A.Majid Katme(MBBCh,DPM)

Muslim Spokesman on Halal meat and Food(Islamic Medical Association/UK)

Tel no: 0044 7944 240 622
E-mail address:

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ProphetS Muhammad Method Of Zabiha Is The Only HALAL HUMANE

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Welcome Halal Tayyib Meat Online

Prophet’s Muhammad method of Zabiha is the only HALAL HUMANE and HEALTHY method of slaughter?


Stunning is a new invented procedure, used on the animal before slaughter,in order to make the animal" unconscious"/?not to feel pain ?, before the act of slaughter!

The common types of stunning are:

-Electrical :used commonly on sheeps when electrodes are applied directly to the head/brain of the sheep in most cases.
-Electrified water bath for poultry :the birds are suspended on the shackle(upside down), then the heads of the chickens are immersed in the electified water bath.

( leading to strangulation and death of many ,or electrocution and death .. before doing the cut!)
-The Captive Bolt Pistol:used commonly for cattle/cows,calves and goats;

It is the shooting,by a gun or pistol,in the forehead (mechanical method) by a blank cartridge or compressed air.

It could be penetrating or non-penetrating(Percussion stunning)

It breaks the skull,shatters and destroys the brain!
-Carbon Dioxide(CO2):it is done by moving the animal through a room which contains a mixture of CO2 and air(chamical strangulation)
It is used mainly for pigs

These different types of stunning techniques,have been invented in the west,mainly because of greed and financial motives .. for more killings, and because of ignorance and the false idea that:

By doing the cut to the animal to be slaughtered it causes "PAIN", and is unhumane and against the welfare of the animal???

However we disovered scientifically and medically and islamically that the only method of animal slaughter which should be accepted and practiced is:

THE DIVINE DIRECT METHOD/DHABH,without the use of any type of stunning,and as practiced by all the prophets of ALLAH,and finally by the final prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him).
The act of animal slaughter in Islam is a HOLY ACT,permanently fixed ,for all times and for all places,and is full of mercy/health, to the animal and to the consumers.

All that have been prooved and supported by the new scientific medical researches and studies;
Obviously we fully support all the new technology of today,before and after animal slaughter!
They are accepted and adopted by the muslims in the world,as long as it does not interfere with the natural physiological process of DHABH/dying!

Also we fully support and accept all the laws/regulations of the land which have been made for Hygiene health and enviromental reasons and for the protection of the consumers.

We would like now to give you in BRIEF the different islamic reasons and arguments against the use of any method or type of stunning before the slaughter of the animal:


*The final Holy Book AL QUR’AN and the Sunnah/Ahadith and behaviour of the final prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him),have explained in details,THE DIVINE DIRECT METHOD OF ANIMAL SLAUGHTER/DHABH. He showed us by his gentle hands how Dhabh/animal slaughter should be done..and he was/is our teacher and our model to follow!

*it is the same method adopted and practiced by all the prophets of GOD like:Abraham,Moses,Jesus …etc, who never used or advocated any type of technique or stunning before slaughter!

*The Jews everywhere do oppose strongly any type of stunning for their Kosher meat.(Mose’s way/Muhammad’s way)

* Mercy to man,animals and all the creation…. is the base/character of all the heavenly teachings..and no man can be more merciful to the animals than our Creator:ALLAH and all his prophets.

*The verse/Aya in the Holy Book AL QUR’AN(Chapter 5,verse 3) describes clearly and amazingly the prohibition of some of the stunning techiques which are used today(strangulation or suffocation/ for chickens,blow to the head/for cows..) ,and the prohibition also of many of the outcomes of stunning(death/Mitah of the animal before doing the cut and the consumption of any blood due to the death of the animal before causing less bleeding out and more blood staying inside the meat…!).

Medical researches have prooved that blood is the best medium for the growth of germs/bacteria,this is why the meat of stunned animals decay quickly,contrary to the meat of unstunned animals!
*TAYYIB/natural wholesome safe type of meat is what Islam has asked us to consume all the times in any type of meat or food. Medical sciences today have prooved that stunning disrupts and disturbs the natural healthy"Tayyib" chemicals and constituents of meat(QUALITY)….making it NOT TAYYIB/ not wholesome!

*Islam forbids the infliction of any type of cruelty or suffering on any animal, as in stunning which has been prooved to be painful through EEG/electric recording of the brain!

* Every animal who suffered in his/her life or during slaughter/stunning and repeated stunning especially after the failure of stunning,will take us to the Divine Court of ALLAH on the Day of Judgment ,for prosecution and punishment!

*It is also not allowed to cause any STRESS to the animal before slaughter,as done in stunning(which is cruel and give us harmful meat)
One is quite surprised to discover that the islamic teachings are full of all types of animal care and welfare.

* the prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) has said in a Hadith/Saying:
"…….to "fight" those who do not slaughter as we slaughter…?"

Obviously all those who use stunning the animals ,are not slaughtering their animals as the prophet/s did!
The adding of stunning is a deviation and disobedience of the prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him)!
* the new medical sciences today have prooved the HEALING and the TRANQUILLISER
effects of pronouncing the NAME OF ALLAH(ALLAH AKBAR) on a live conscious/hearing animal who has not been stunned at all !

(Please see separately our brief on the new medical discovery/study which cames from Syria,see also the website at the end).

When the animal discards out all its harmful blood and the meat is purified from all germs ,bacteria and viruses.
Mentioning the Name of Allah at time of slaughter is a CURE for many diseases and infections affecting the animals! (see separate study)
*Halal and Tayyib is the only HEALTHY meat or Food ..and all the teachings of islam is for our own health and survival.
*Even when some muslims consider the islamic view on stunning is contoversial and the prohibition is doubtful(Shubha)…But according to the islamic teachings: all muslims are requested to avoid practicing anything doubtful or Shubuha?

The European Council for Fatwa and Research,The Islamic Shari’a Council in the UK,Darul Uloom,Regent Park mosque and many Ulamas in muslim countries etc..(we are trying now to make a list of Ulamas/Muftis in the world who opposed and prohibited the use of stunning).


Islam advocates all the times all healthy types of behaviour and in every aspect of life:
But stunning does break this golden islamic rule:

*Stunning kills some animals especially chickens(about 1/3 of chickens,as reported by the Farm Animal Welfare Council/FAWC),before doing the act of slaughter,thus making the heart stops and causing less bleeding out and more blood inside the meat
which is very harmful to health and is full of germs/bacteria and harmful waste products.Besides quick coagulation do occur in the blood staying inside!
It causes also: "Salt and Pepper Haemorrhage" inside the meat after the rupture of the small blood vessels thus causing the consumption of blood again which is very harmful to health and causes many cases of food poisoning!
MAXIMUM BLEEDING OUT/no blood left inside, is the rule in the islamic teachings
*The Captive Bolt Pistol for stunning have been prohibited lately in some countries because of the risk of Mad cow disease/BSE when the brain is damaged or exposed and some parts do go inside the blood vessels to different organs of the body!
Also the new advice today to avoid the risk of BSE is AVOID the cutting of the spinal cord during slaughter,as advocated by islam more than 1400 years ago!!
* Halal and TAYYIB/wholesome/natural meat or food,is the rule in Islam:
Islam advocates strongly natural feeding and farming to the animals(organic)/ without any animal protein and without any genetically modified diet and with the avoidance of all chemicals/hormones/antibiotics..!

Meat affected by harmful diseases/chemicals can not be consumed according to Islam!
Feeding the "vegeterian animal" animal protein/meat is prohibited in Islam,this is why we had recentlythe big disaster before:Mad cow disease/BSE when our innocent cows were fed/force fed the meat of other animals/animal protein!
-Today in the west, many top scientists and doctors oppose all types of stunning,mainly for health and safety reasons ,like :
Van der wal,wernberg,Mcloughlin,Pollard,Winstanley,Marple etc…


*All muslims(and the Jews) are allowed to do their own religious slaughter,according to the British laws,which was reinforced again in March/2005.
All are exempted from the use of any type of stunning.
So nothing to worry about if muslims practice their prophetic method of slaughter?
This law/facility is also in some other European/western countries.
All arab and muslim governments support and facilitate too the prophetic method of animal slaughter,without the use of any type of stunning.
*The Opposition to any type of stunning in the is the OFFICIAL VIEW of muslim organisations/mosques and imams in the UK, and which was given repeatedly to DEFRA,Farm animal welfare Council,the Ministers and the Prime Minister himself!
(many submissions against any stunning, were done in the name of the Muslim Council of Britain(MCB) which do represent over 400 muslim organisations and mosques,the Union of Muslim organisations/UMO which do represent over 215 muslim organisations and mosques,
The Islamic Cultural Centre/Regent Park mosque,the islamic Sharia Council,Darul Uloom
the islamic Medical Association,UK Islamic Mission,Islamic Foundation etc…)

We do admit that, unfortunately, there are some muslims who do practice stunning mainly because of their ignorance and lack of knowledge, on all the above mentioned islamic , scientific medical and legal datas and facts…
or because of their greed and for financial motives.
Many also do not know that it is allowed and is legal to slaughter animals without any type of stunning.
Commonly, "muslim businessmen" are behind the support and use of stunning???,some do try to "buy"a "cheap fatwa" from a mosque/centre in order to justify their wrong doing!ALL FOR MONEY?

Some they say:

We do stunning without killing the animal?
But this argument is devious and misleading for many reasons:
-First: Who is checking/ or double checking or through a vet,if each individual animal slaughtered ,is still alive after stunning.especially when there is a mass large production to kill 6000 birds/hour,with the competition to kill more and more/hour??
– Second:What about the other HARAMS/problems resulting from stunning,even when the animal is still alive if one is sure about that:

*pain and cruelty to the animal who can not speak or complaint..

*rupture of the small and minute blood vessels inside the meat ,thus oozing blood inside, have less bleeding out ,and blood/meat is consumed after by the muslims ..when any drop of blood is forbidden to consume in Islam!
*damage to the natural healthy chemical composition of the meat,making the meat NOT TAYYIB and not healthy to consume,even it becomes poisonous!

* interference with the hearing of the Name of ALLAH(ALLAH IS GREATER) and its miraculous beneficial healing and tranquilliser effects to both:man and animal!
* what about the other religious and health datas which were mentioned before
and which do oppose any type of stunning

Similarly and unfortunately,some Ulamas/Imams ,have not been aware of all these HORRIFYING FACTS and medical outcomes related to stunning…. they badly need to be aware of these new scientific/medical informations and facts which result from stunning ,before they do "fall into the trap" and give any wrong fatwa/ruling on stunning!

Dr A.Majid Katme(MBBCH,DPM)
Muslim Spokesman on Halal meat and Food
Spokesman: Islamic Medical Association/UK

Tel no: 0044 7944 240 622 E-mail address:


-My scientific medical islamic study:
(you can get it from many muslim websites..or by going to; )

-The famous book: AL-DHABH:Slaying animals for food the Islamic way
By Dr Ghulam Mustafa Khan

-Websites against stunning: (islamic and medical facts against stunning) (Regent Park mosque) (Regent Park mosque) (Halal Monitoring Committee/Halal shop list) (Muslim Council of Britain) Effects of saying ALLAH AKBAR on the conscious animal) (Jews/for Kosher meat/no stunning)

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Welcome Halal Tayyib Meat Online


Assesment of The Muslim Method of Slaughtering/1985/UFAW
Published on AL AZHAR WEBSITE/see below

Islamic vs. Western slaughter Concensus of ULAMAS/Muftis in Britan against: Stunning and mechanical slaughter ASIDCOM REPORT/France – BENEFITS OF RELIGIOUS SLAUGHTER? ??? ????? ??????? ???????? ??? ??????? Zabah:Islamic Method of Slaughter Also find us on: ……. Useful downloads
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The Fallacy Of Stunning The Animal Without Been Killed

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Welcome Halal Tayyib Meat Online

The Fallacy of stunning the animal without been killed??


-According to Farm Animal Welfare Council’s Report before: 1/3 of chickens die from stunning and before doing the cut(This is MITAH/HARAM to eat as mentioned in the Qur’an) ?

The percentage could be less sometimes,however always there will be some animals with weak hearts or sick who will die from stunning or their hearts stop , besides, there is no person at all at time of slaughtering who will check and monitor if each chicken/animal is surely alive after stunning( when you are killing 12 000 15 000/hour), and especially when the industry is competing more in order to kill more/hour all the times.)

The Fatwa/Islamic ruling is:Meat from stunned animals will not accepted even if it kills just one single chicken or animal ,as all the other chickens will be SHUBUHA/doubtful to eat ,Ulamas have said.

We believe that many Muslims ,unfortunately ,are eating meat coming from animals who died in stunning and before doing the cut(Haram).

Unfortunately, only few Ulamas who do not know and lack the scientific medical knowledge about the effects of stunning and the many haram and health hazards and cruelty resulting from stunning,have been DECEIVED by few ‘muslim’ businessmen who use stunning in order to justify their non Halal way of Zabiha and get a certificate that it is ?halal???

Some businessmen are buying the ?Halal certificate? from some "Imams"/Muslim organisations

Muslims should watch out for any ‘pseudoscientific’ paper done by a’ muslim’ on this subject, in order to convince the Muslims that the animal did not die from stunning and all is halal???

We should remember also that if the animal die from stunning or his pumping heart stops,we will have more blood inside which will be consumed by the Muslims???

Apart from this big fallacy,there are many other haram reasons and health hazards and problems and cruelty resulting from stunning,even if surely the animal did not die from stunning,and which also are not known to these few NAIVE Ulamas/speakers,who gave their wrong fatwa that :It is okay to eat the meat as long it does not kill the animal??? (by the way :the majority of Ulamas in their Fatawas ,especially in the UK,OPPOSE any type of stunning)

Personally when I gave many talks on stunning in many conferences for Ulamas in different cities of Britain,I could not meet till now one single Imam or scholar who agreed with stunning!The problem today is the IGNORANCE about the many dangerous/haram effects of stunning on the animals and consumers ,even among some ‘ULAMAS!’

We should remember also that the UK and the EU are moving now towards the new method of stunning:


to make the animal die instantaneously from stunning,which is absolutely prohibited in Islam!

I would like now to mention these other haram and horrible outcomes which do result from stunning,even if the animal is alive after stunning , and which are unfortunately DENIED OR DELIBERATELY FORGOTTEN or NOT KNOWN by all those who are after the so called stunning which does not kill the animal?:

-Internal unseen Haemorrhage do occur ( some of the small blood vessels rupture inside the meat/ called :SALT AND PEPPER HAEMORRHAGE,as a result of stunning),This was mentioned in many medical studies.

So we have unseen blood inside the meat or leg and Muslims are eating the meat with blood inside?,Blood is FORBIDDEN to consume in Islam,according to the QUR’AN and is very dangerous to your health according to all doctors today! Another big SHUBUHA/doubt here?

– Any type of stunning causes PAIN and is cruel to the animal,who can not speak or complaint.(According to some Medical studies based on the EEG recording of the brain)

There is also:failure of stunning,repeated stunning causing to many animals:paralysis,broken bones etc…(more pain,cruelty and suffering to the innocent animals!)

It is even a common sense:none of us can put his finger inside the electric plug for fear of electricity which is painful and which is used frequently in stunning.

When I use to work in hospitals as a doctor in order to give electric shock to the patient who is suffering from depression,general anaesthesia has to be given first and before,as the electricity is PAINFUL!

So why we justify it to the animal who had no general anaesthesia before stunning?

Inflicting any pain or cruelty on any animal is forbidden in Islam!

And animals are highly respected in Islam,above any business or greed or money.

-Stunning do ‘disturb and disrupt’ the natural healthy chemical orginal formula/structure of the meat and its normal ingredients? thus maiking the meat unnatural unsafe and unhealthy and definetely


(I got a copy of Phd done by a Muslim before on this issue).

-Any one using any type of stunning is DISOBEYING the final prophet Muhammad(pbuh) who explained clearly to us in a Hadith how to do Zabiha..and he showed it to us by his hands how is done…and he is our teacher and model to follow and copy.

More: the prophet Muhammad has warned us in a clear authentic Hadith that he will fight any one who does not slaughter the animal as he did exactly ???

Who would like to be a war with the prophet Muhammad,peace be upon him?
It is the same method done by all the prophets:Ibraham,Moses,Jesus and Muhammad(peace be upon them)..the only MERCIFUL and HALAL method:DIRECT method without any type of stunning!

-In the Qur’an,there is a verse which has described 2 types of stunning:Strangulation,as done to some innocent chickens today when their heads are forcibly immersed inside the electrified water bath? and the other: severe Blow to the head? this same Ayah describes also that:it is forbidden to consume blood or the meat from animal who died before the DHABH/Zabiha or to eat any pork or porcine substance which are all occuring today in most of so called Halal meat/chicken Zabiha,which are stunned???(Surah AL MAEEDA No 5, verse:3)

-Recent new medical studies have shown the IMPORTANCE to have LIVE CONSCIOUS HEARING animals in order to hear TASMIAH: BISMILLAH ALLAH AKBAR(in the Name of ALLAH,ALLAH AKBAR,which is a basic and major ruling in doing the halal Zabiha.

It was found to act as a tranquilliser/sedative to both: the man/ slaughterman and to the animal,but more it was found to purify the meat from bacteria and blood!

A new medical miracle…these fascinating medical results will not occur if the animal is unconscious as done in stunning?

We have DVD/books on this new medical discovery,Islam channel TV has shown it at least 3 times.(you can see the DVD on many websites like this

-The least to say that: any meat from stunned animals is SHUBUHA/DOUBTFUL,and ALL ULAMAS SAID WE SHOULD AVOID IT COMPLETELY AS IT IS SHUBUHA?this is well known Fatwa on anything in life.

-Our DU’AS/supplication will not be accepted if we ate non halal Tayyib meat,as in many AHADITH.

Dr A.Majid Katme(MBBCh,DPM)

Medical Researcher and Spokesman on Halal meat and Food(Islamic Medical Association/UK)

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NB: Please see my previous comparative medical research and study on prophet’s Muhammad way of Zabiha and stunning:

Assesment of The Muslim Method of Slaughtering – 131k –

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